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A Letter To Empire Sushi That Never Got Serious Attention

An open letter to Empire Sushi written by me in July 2023:

"Dear Empire Sushi,

I'd like to report about one female staff at your newly opened Kuantan Lotus branch who is being quite rude to customers. There was a long line due to the slow service and I was the last customer in line at that time. Once I finally had my turn a new customer came next to me, and your staff skipped my turn to serve them.

When I quickly reminded the staff that I was there first, she did not apologize and lectured me instead on where I should stand in front of the glass compartments if I wanted to be served, even though I have already told her there was no one next to me before the next customer came. Disappointed, but not trying to let the incident get on my nerves, I let the customer after me to be served first and had to wait 10 more minutes for my turn (due to the customer taking a long time to select their sushi and not using cashless option). But while waiting for my turn, the same female staff continued talking bad about me behind the counter up to the point that her colleagues had to shush her up. For your information, I am from Kuala Lumpur and was in Kuantan for a meeting and dropped by at Empire Sushi in the area to buy sushi for lunch. I would have just walked away if not for the thought of buying your sushi to eat with my officemates.

This is the first time I encountered such rude service from Empire Sushi as I have always bought sushi from your Kuala Lumpur branches all this time. I hope that Empire Sushi will take note to train staff on manners and hospitality, otherwise customers won't bother to come back."

Empire Sushi followed up with my complaint, but I am not sure whether it actually received any serious attention. They texted me asking if I had the receipt of payment during the incident so they could investigate accordingly. I suppose they decided to drop the case when there were no more updates after I informed them that I no longer had the receipt with me. Guess that's just how the Malaysian F&B service works, huh? Or maybe they're still investigating, who knows...

I have never bought sushi from Empire Sushi since then, not because I am being vengeful but because I have discovered an awesome sushi bar in Gombak that not only their sushi tastes better, but their price is also unbeatable! I will share with you guys about my new favorite sushi bar in an upcoming post soon.

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