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Capitalism Kills The Cat

My cats have been starving since the J&T Express strike commotion this past few days. I feel sorry for the seller whom I always buy cat food online from. The seller never fails to ship out fast and delivery usually takes within one to two days. However, something happened within J&T Express' postal service administration - the top management started to impose new working conditions on their own courier staff until the staff decided that they had enough and began launching a strike. 

Someone took a photo of an abandoned J&T Express' parcel storage hub in Selangor, which shows piles of undelivered stuff in the premise. People started complaining of non-deliveries. The chain management system has become stuck. For the first time I receive the status "Redelivery attempt as soon as possible" from J&T's delivery tracking system for five times in a row within one week.

But I don't blame the courier staff for the strike. With a ridiculous new policy that squeezes out every sweat and blood from the employee, by cutting off allowances from those who fail to deliver more than 900 parcels per day, no one in their right mind would continue working for a blood-sucking company that goes against fair trade rules and labor laws.

Capitalism in Malaysia is getting out of hand these days. Perhaps there is another rather crude name for it. I know for certain that it is killing my cats. So I am totally done with capitalism and went out to the mall to buy my cats their needed nourishment despite the lockdown. I hope that one day in the future, cats will rule the world and hunt down and eat capitalists like mice.

I sometimes feed my cats kangaroo meat bought from Pet Lovers Centre. Did you know that kangaroo meat contains less than 2% fat, making it a healthier red meat option? It is also high in protein, essential B vitamins, minerals such as zinc, iron and omega 3 fats and omega 6 fatty acids. It's good for humans too... you should try it sometime.

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