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Mom Terrorized By Queer Man's Fans Over Grooming Claims

Imagine how it feels being a mother who is criticized and threatened by the surrounding community just for trying to protect children from becoming the victims of child abuse? This is what Shumirun Nessa experiences after she exposed Jeffrey Marsh's videos on TikTok.

Shumirun Nessa, a mother who is also a TikToker from the United Kingdom, is upset by the actions of some irresponsible parties who have threatened her through emails, vandalized her car, circulated old pictures of her without a hijab online and targeted her daughters in retaliation for her boldly voicing her concerns about Jeffrey's online videos that contain child grooming vibes.

Jeffrey Marsh is a transgender/gender-confused celebrity on TikTok (and Proctor & Gamble-appointed tampon ambassador) who often produces videos inviting children to interact with him privately on his Patreon account. In several videos on TikTok, Jeffrey speaks with a gentle manner and sweet words that he wants to talk personally with children who have family problems. In fact, Jeffrey also persuades children to cut ties with their parents. He opened up a space on Patreon to talk about things that shouldn't be discussed publicly on TikTok with kids who follow him without their parents' knowledge.

Nessa accuses Jeffrey of practicing child grooming through TikTok and Patreon by influencing children to disrespect and fight their parents before offering himself to be a reliable "new family" to children with family problems.

Unfortunately, many "woke" groups criticized Nessa's accusations and said she was a "transphobic" who slandered Jeffrey. They conspired to organize a petition to ban Nessa from social media. It is most unreasonable when some of Jeffrey's supporters bully Nessa outside cyberspace by stalking her daily activities and uncovering her home address and the school where Nessa's children study. They also destroyed Nessa's car in front of her house at night when Nessa's family was sleeping. In fact, they forced Nessa to apologize on TikTok and silenced her from talking about Jeffrey again by intimidating her via email.

While this blog post is being made, more and more netizens on TikTok and YouTube are making videos discussing whether Shumirun Nessa has violated the boundaries for "harassing" Jeffrey or has opened the public's eyes to the dangers of child grooming and pedophilia that are now allowed to run freely. There are also parents from multiple religions, races and countries who support Nessa's actions because she dares to reprimand Jeffrey's disturbing activities that target children.

What do you think about this issue?

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2 ulasan:

  1. Jeffry ni jelas-jelas penjenayah. Tapi sebab dia trans terus apa dia buat semua tu bukan jenayah. Geng lgbtq (dan penyokongnya) semua gila. Tak tahu mana betul, mana salah

    1. Geng tu pun dah tak tahu jantina betul dia orang sendiri pun apa, mana tak mengejutkan bila benda betul dan tak betul pun dia orang dah tak dapat nak bezakan.