Purple Coffee

The heatwave is killing me. I can stand hot weather since I used to live in coastal areas when I was young but seriously, the recent temperature is enough to fry an egg on the pavements within a few seconds. I suspect the heatwave doesn't just affect this nation - news stated that glacier bursts in Himalaya and Utah have killed hundreds of people, which may perhaps were caused by climate change.

And so this coffee exists. It isn't just any ordinary coffee - it is a 3 layered purple coffee made with instant coffee granules that I dyed in food coloring before mixing with milk and, at the bottom of the glass, cubes of apong sugar pudding jellies.

I made the apong sugar pudding jellies with apong sugar, rock sugar, fine sugar, milk, honey, pandan leaves, vanilla essence and agar.

Looks so Insta-worthy!

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