Losing Giant

I lost my kitten Giant on Chinese New Year. I am not sure how he went missing, but it was my fault for not locking him up in the cage the night before his disappearance. I rarely have him locked up because Giant was a well-mannered kitty - he never strayed far away from the kitchen and dining room, and he often sat on my shoulder to wake me up in the morning so I would prepare his breakfast. Giant loved eating steamed chicken and would mew excitedly when he chowed down on a piece.

It is heartbreaking to look at the packets of kitten food and fur comb that I have just bought for Giant, knowing that I will never be able to find him again. Giant had only been with us for almost two months (he is around 4-5 weeks old) but the hurt from losing him so suddenly cuts really deep since he was a part of the family.

I will be missing his round furry orange figure and lively kicks and bites. Wherever he is, I hope Giant is safe somewhere in a caring person's hands. If he is no longer alive, I hope he had met with a quick and less painful death.

Giant with one of Bamboo's abandoned kittens

Playing with Giant

Giant with his sister

Giant is 4 times bigger than the average kitten

Giant with his mother Tunggal

Sleeping like a baby

Giant has soft orange fur

Giant landing on my belly

Poor boy got heatstroke, gave him metrogyl and livoferol until he became better

Last photos of Giant with Ong taken on the night before his disappearance

This one reminds me of the Grave of the Fireflies anime

Tentang YunFila

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