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Abalones And The Story Of White Painted Woman

I found half shell abalones on sale at the nearby hypermarket. They look big. Each shell is sold at RM2.88. I bought a few shells to try out and later realized that I don't know anything about cooking abalones. All this while I have only seen abalones in cans.

Let's not talk about what these abalones actually resemble...

Speaking of abalones, I remember an old Apache tale about the abalone shell. It was said that in the old days, the first woman in the world (who was known as White Painted Woman) had survived a great flood in the shell of an abalone. She married the Sun and the Rain, and gave birth to two sons that destroy monsters to make the earth inhabitable for mankind. White Painted Woman then wandered to east until at the end of her life, she found her younger self. They merged and White Painted Woman was born anew. Thus repeatedly, she is born again and again, from generation to generation.

An artist's visualization of White Painted Woman