February Discounts (Up To 20% Off)

I am putting up some items on sale with discounts up to 20% off until end of February, and you are welcome to check them out. Will be adding more themes and stuff in the stock soon, hopefully by the time this lockdown is over I will be able to scavenge more rare items for sale. Just click on the SHOP link above this blog to see my wares.

I have been thinking of getting some pearls and shells for the next theme, and perhaps a few zen coloring books. A collection of fairy tale artifacts would also be nice for my shop.

Oh yeah, I would also like to congratulate my students for achieving the highest marks in their previous quiz. Here you go, girls... a special token from yours truly delivered to your doorstep.

Tentang YunFila

Seekor kentang gemuk bertopi. Meminati kucing, teknologi, steampunk, membeli-belah secara online, melayari YouTube serta mengumpul topi. Juga memiliki obsesi terhadap kentang pink pada tahap yang membimbangkan.

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