Sweet Misery

I haven't posted anything lately since 2020 ended. Could it have been due to burn out? Possibly - I am beginning to realize that blogging for other companies are not worth it anymore, the whole "review for revenue" thing is getting exhausting and takes away all the fun that used to be the reason why people blog and read blogs in the first place. The commercial exploitation of social media platforms is gradually destroying one's will to freely express their opinion and concerns, and the desire to be different in their own way. Brands are slowly killing individuality, like how the flames on a matchstick leisurely consume on a dragonfly's wings. In the end, we become mere puppets for the big boys of the corporate world. Our words, our mind, our time and our souls are sold to the capitalist devils.

So I am going back to my blogging roots by ranting about things that matter. Things that need to be observed and pondered about. Things that we have overlooked and need to be fixed. Things that we forgot to appreciate and embrace.

2020 was a year of misery. Plague, Famine, War and Death had the whole year to themselves to party, and it looks like they might want to extend their stay this year. We need a miracle to stay afloat amidst this topsy-turvy reality. We need to hold on to hope lest we lose grip on our sanity.

Perhaps we could start this year with a sincere greeting to sweeten the bitter misery brought by 2020. At least, we could turn the previous year into a sweet misery if not a sweet memory. Goodbye 2020... and good riddance.

Is it too late to welcome the new year?

Hello 2021. I hope you get well soon.

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