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Capitalism Kills The Cat

My cats have been starving since the J&T Express strike commotion this past few days. I feel sorry for the seller whom I always buy cat food online from. The seller never fails to ship out fast and delivery usually takes within one to two days. However, something happened within J&T Express' postal service administration - the top management started to impose new working conditions on their own courier staff until the staff decided that they had enough and began launching a strike.  Someone took a photo of an abandoned J&T Express' parcel storage hub in Selangor, which shows piles of undelivered stuff in the premise. People started complaining of non-deliveries. The chain management system has become stuck. For the first time I receive the status "Redelivery attempt as soon as possible" from J&T's delivery tracking system for five times in a row within one week. But I don't blame the courier staff for the strike. With a ridiculous new policy th