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Yeos Canned Cuttlefish Product Looks Like Something Out Of A Tentacle Horror Movie And Now I Am Scared

I don't know what came over me when I purchased this can of Yeo's cuttlefish in soy sauce. Apart from the clean and fresh shelf-stocked look, the graphic on the label seemed inviting enough for me to chuck the can into my grocery basket despite it being quite pricey (it costs RM5.60 per unit). But hey, I needed something edible to add in my cup of instant ramen.

As soon as I pulled the can lid open, a terrifying sight welcomed me. There, submerged in the clear liquid of light soy sauce, was the most bizarre piece of cuttlefish I have ever seen. Its soft, squishy and fleshy facade suddenly reminded me of those face huggers from the Alien franchise, ever ready to jump onto my face and suck out my eyeballs from their sockets...

To eat or not to eat?

Man, that looks nasty.

That is one giant squid ring. Imagine how big the whole thing must be. Where the heck did they get this cuttlefish from? The Bermuda Triangle?

Look at the size of those suckers. Okay, now I'm scared...

Despite the creepy looking tentacle soaking in it, the soy sauce's smell wasn't so bad - the liquid is light and sweet. In fact, it reminded me of the sugary dried cuttlefish that I used to enjoy eating back when I was staying in Lumut, Perak.

Sigh, I really loved snacking on those - they used real cuttlefish meat, not like the fake ones today that are made of fish meat and taste like toilet paper. I mean, can you imagine buying and eating pressed fish meat disguised as dried cuttlefish? That is exactly like dating a suave dude online who turns out to be a Nigerian scammer.

Back to the squid in hand. So I took a bite of the chubby, fleshy ring and surprisingly found that it was soft and chewy. The taste? Not bad... the meat and soy sauce went well with my instant ramen by adding a subtle umami-like flavour in it. I wonder if it will taste as good if I add it into a bowl of congee?

I take back what I said about the price. RM5.60 is worth it for the gigantic soft cuttlefish meat... and the soy sauce is more than enough. I have had a can of American smoked oysters drenched in oil and water for the price of RM17 and honestly it wasn't as exciting as Yeo's canned cuttlefish in soy sauce.

Heck, I think I'll have no qualms in buying this can of horror tentacles again the next time I drop by the grocery store.

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