How Halloween Started

2000 years ago, the Celtic Irish celebrated the end of the harvest season with a pagan festival called Samhainn. 

During Samhainn, crops and animals will be sacrificed to the communal fire. 

The Celtic people believed that it is during this hour, between 31st October and 1st November, that the sidhe - otherworldly portal - would open and grant access to faeiries and hungry ghosts into the human world. 

Rituals commonly seen during Samhainn was dancing, feasting, singing and building altars to honour the deceased ancestors. 

By 9 AD, the Christians incorporated Samhainn with All Saints' Day as All Hallow's Eve to mask the pagan elements of the festival to be accepted by the Christian society. 

Nowadays Samhainn is renamed as Halloween and has become a secular tradition (although it is still observed as a religious festival by neopagans and Wiccans). 

On this day, you will see people. adults and children alike, running around "trick-or-treating" in hideous and outrageous monster costumes.

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