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Man Scissors Louis Vuitton Bag Out Of Annoyance

A Malaysian man decided to cut open an expensive Louis Vuitton bag inside the said brand's premium outlet at KLCC after he refused to put up with the attending staff's "obnoxious attitude" towards him and his friend.

A Facebook viral video depicts the man using a pair of scissors to cut open a LV bag with a caption that says: "I actually didn't realize I was being treated like a @#%@!!"

The man said to the outlet staff, "You can take this LV bag, just give me a pair of scissors."

And off he went cutting...

According to the man, he had bought a Louis Vuitton bag 3 days before and went to the store to have a name tag affixed to the bag. However the staff refused to provide service to the man. What annoyed the man was not because of being refused service, but by the way the staff gave unfavourable looks upon  him and his friend as if they were "like monkeys".

"You know what I observed? I actually didn't realize I was being treated like a @#%@!! But when my friend raised about it, it dawned upon me that he's right when it comes to teaching people about respect. We come to their stores in good terms, but they look down upon us based on what we wear."

At  that time the man was wearing a collared t-shirt, shorts and sandals into the Louis Vuitton store.

"As soon as the manager sees my face, he thinks I'm a poor shabby Malay. I said to him, 'you can't treat my friend and I like monkeys. You can take this LV bag, just give me a pair of scissors.' Then I cut open the LV bag in front of him."

Here is the viral Facebook video that has caught local netizens' attention...

🙏🏽“Hangpa nak tau apa yang sedang aku perhatikan?? Sebenaqnya aku tak sedaq pun, yang aku ni sedang di layani macam @#%@...
Posted by Ismail Ariffin Lepat on Monday, February 25, 2019

Interestingly, the man is seen in the video slinging what seems like a limited edition Louis Vuitton X Takashi Murakami Monogramouflage (Keepall Takashi Murakami Bandouliere) duffle bag - the last time I checked it was sold for $13,000.00 at Tradesy; that is equivalent to more than RM50,000!

It is possible that the high fashion premium outlet staff has less knowledge about Louis Vuitton bags and with whom he is dealing with.

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