How I Created The Blue Ice Cream On Instagram

How I Created The Blue Ice Cream On Instagram | If you have followed my new Instagram account at @yunfila you would notice that I posted a photo of a bright blue soft serve ice cream on cone with the background of a park. 

So many people have asked me where I got the blue ice cream from and some even wondered what it tastes like. I imagine it would taste like bubblegum since it is my favourite ice cream flavour, but of course that will just remain as my imagination because this ice cream does not really exist - it's actually an image I created out of several different images!

For this trick I used 3 different photo editing tools: Paint.Net, BeFunky Photo Editor and Medibang Paint Pro.

These are the original images I collected from Google to create the ice cream...

First I removed the original ice cream in the pic on the right and cropped out the background in both pics using Paint.Net app, before replacing the double scoop ice cream on the right pic with the blue sundae peak on the left. The image file is converted to PNG file to give it a transparent background. I changed the colour saturation in BeFunky Photo Editor so you can see the hue in the merged image is much brighter than in the original.

Then I transferred the photo to Medibang Paint Pro to blend the merged images together by smudging and softening the cropped edges using different brushes. Also, I airbrushed in shadows and highlights on the sundae (really love the airbrush mode!)

Finally, now that the image has been converted to PNG file it's easier to merge it with a background photo on BeFunky Photo Editor's image manager. For this picture I chose a park scenery to create a summery look. The light green colour seems to compliment well with the cheery blue hue. Adjusted the position of the image in the scenery and voilร , there you have it... a photo of a blue ice cream in the park during a hot summer afternoon.

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Jannah Ramli berkata...

Wah, pandainya akak edit gambar. Saya memang kurang tahu sikit pasal photo editing dan kurang kreaktif untuk edit gambar๐Ÿ˜…

Siti Yang Menaip berkata...

wow.. kalo akak memang tak menjadi la edit ngedit tu. memang surrender..

camdandusler berkata...

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