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Transform Yourself Into Someone Who Needs Prescription Drugs

After reading a few rib-tickling samples of Botnik Studios' pre-trained keyboard work on literary texts via Tumblr, I got curious enough to try out the Predictive Writer technology myself. So I logged into the community site, checked out the apps, and tried creating a beauty product ad content like what I usually do for my sponsored posts. The result is pretty hilarious as seen in the screencap below...

What if this content becomes a real ad? I tinkered around with the text on my favourite BeFunky Photo Editor app and here's what I imagine it would look like if my content ever makes it to serious publication:

This is how Botnik predictive keyboard works - it offers word suggestions based on any text you feed it. You only have to load a text file via the given menu, then start writing using the grid of options below it.

Check out other Botnik Studios' pre-trained keyboard results on Harry Potter and The X-Files.

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