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Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest: The Biggest One Day Sale!

Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest: The Biggest One Day Sale! | November is the greatest month of the year because it is the momentous month in which yours truly is born... and also because Lazada Malaysia is launching its biggest sale event on the eleventh (11.11). Note to self: Good date to get married. The husband will surely remember the wedding day. 

As usual, what's a Lazada Sale without a Lazada Blogger Contest? Following the success of Lazada Shopathon Blogger Contest which was previously held in September, Lazada Malaysia is organising another blogger contest in conjunction with the 11.11 Shopping Festival which will take place on November 11, 2018. 

What to expect during Lazada's 11.11 Shopping Festival?

The 24-hour online shopping extravaganza will take off at midnight on Nov 11, 2018, with a live broadcast countdown show on Nov 10. This year's shopping bonanza promises an exciting shopping experience for bargain hunters and fun seekers, with multi-sensory and multi-screen activities.

Among the activities offered are:

  • Lazada 11.11 Super Show (with performance by a K-pop group!)
  • Collectible Vouchers up to RM11,000,000
  • Deals as low as RM1
  • RM200,000 worth of free gifts
  • Over 10,000 Surprise Boxes up for grabs (with products from various brands up to 70% off)

If you're a Lazada app user, play your way to even more deals with the all new Wonderland feature on the Lazada app where you will have 20 chances to open treasure boxes of top brand and seller vouchers from November 1 to 10. 

For more details on the Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival, go to and its social media pages.

So what are my Lazada's 11.11 Shopping Festival Wishlist?

What are the 3 products that I am adding into my cart during this event? Let's take a peek into my humble cart, shall we...

Product: Samsung Grill Microwave Oven with Healthy Steam (23L)
Price: RM365 (N.P: RM499)
11.11 Sale Price: RM344.03
Reason: Our 32 year-old Philips microwave oven has recently exploded (R.I.P Philips) and we need to keep our refrigerated food warm pronto. I'm so sick of looking at that cold turkey ham inside my fridge and keep thinking, "Oh, I don't have a new microwave yet. I'll eat you later as soon as I get one," and then later discover that alien life-forms have gotten to my ham a week later before I could rescue it. So I am having my eye on this baby. Let us hope that she would keep our food warm and toasty for a long time. The new healthy steam feature seems like a good addition, I'd like to have my frozen processed food become healthy.

Product: Hagen Catit Cat Toy Play Circuit Ball with Cat Grass
Price: RM35 (N.P: RM49)
11.11 Sale Price: RM31.50
Reason: My cat needs a new hobby. Her unhealthy obsession towards the living room sofa fabric is very disturbing. I wonder if they could put some catnip along with the purchase upon request...

Product: Magnum Classic Milk & White Chocolate with Almond Truffle (117 g)
Price: RM16.50 (N.P: RM26.90)
11.11 Sale Price: RM13.90
Reason: My diet didn't go well, so these sinfully indulgent chocolates shall be my punishment for failing to attain my ideal weight of 55 kg after trying for 4 months (judge me and I'll eat you). I am glad these chocs are on promotion during 11.11 Shopping Festival so that my severe sentence can be mitigated. These chocs are imported from the UK (my former hometown) and they are not easily available at your everyday 7-E kiosks or kedai Acheh. So good of Lazada Malaysia to have these chocs on their groceries list, it makes life so much easier and wonderfully delicious. Especially when all the good things in life are on sale.

Don't forget!

Tune in to Lazada 11.11 Super Show (at exactly 12 a.m midnight on November 10) to take part in some live game sessions, win prizes and check out performances from local and international celebrities. Don't forget to save the date!

(And wish me luck.)

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