#PRU14 : I Predicted Pakatan Harapan Winning The General Election?

#PRU14 : I Predicted Pakatan Harapan Winning The General Election? | Yesterday seemed just like another voting day and this being my third time voting in Malaysian general elections, everything went breezy for me. Although, I am beginning to think that the silver nitrate in the indelible ink around my finger feels eerily drier and looks visually worrying. The sight of my now darkened finger resembles a gangrenous limb that begs to be amputated.

Practically looks like a gorilla's finger.

However, this is the first time that I had to travel 245 kilometres back to my hometown to cast the ballot. Ever since IIUM decided to cease providing back-to-back transportation from Kuantan to Gombak to staffs last month, every one had to find their own means to return to their hometown to practice their right to vote. I got myself the last bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur after someone had cancelled their booked trip that very same day. At last I get to meet my family in a politically-driven reunion.

My vote is my secret
With all my sisters.
No matter who we vote for, we're still family and proud Malaysians.


Little did I know that things were going to change for good. Like a good obedient citizen, I went to the election poll without revealing who I vote for - of course, one has the right to keep his or her vote a private matter - and came back with a box of fat, sweet Greek strawberries while lounging at a cafe in the city with one dark Thanos-looking finger curled around a tea-filled coffee mug.

Little did I know that the photo I shared on my Facebook account is actually an omen in disguise that subtly gave out the future result of the 14th Malaysian General Elections. See the red of the strawberries, which represents Pakatan Harapan's colour as opposed to Barisan Nasional's navy blue, in my hand with my indelible ink tainted finger pointing towards the guide map of Putrajaya?

Alright... perhaps that's just in my head. But the election result which came up later that night was truly shocking and marked a significant chapter in the political history of Malaysia...


For the past 60 years, no one has ever imagined that a new government coalition would be able to topple the long-reigning Barisan Nasional (BN) led by (the then Prime Minister) Najib Razak with a simple majority in Parliament. 

Insert Queen's 'We Are The Champions' song here.

The Pakatan Harapan (PH) alliance, comprising PKR, DAP, Amanah and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia has taken over 113 parliamentary seats, which allows it to form a new government. Five states switched their support to PH, while Pahang and Perlis remain under BN. This is the biggest political tsunami that has swept Parliament ever since the 13th General Election (PRU13) saw a concerning loss of 7 out of 140 parliamentary seats. Unfortunately, BN was not shaken by the loss and continued to dwell in illusions of grandeur about its power. 

But the people had enough of BN. They wanted a change in the government, especially one with no GST and Rosmah included in it. Thus, this time the loss is massive and costs the blue giant a great deal. With Mahathir returning to the political battlefield after 15 years retirement, and at the age of 93, things are becoming more interesting when all the other strongmen (Shafie Apdal, Rais Yatim, Rafidah Aziz, and Muhyiddin Yassin) during Mahathir's reign gradually left UMNO and BN to form new movements against Najib's BN. 


I have eaten up all my strawberries, so no predictions as yet. So far while I am still writing this, Mahathir is waiting to be inaugurated as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, and just for the record, this is his second time becoming the Prime Minister. Never in my life I dreamt that I will be having the same guy as Prime Minister twice. The inauguration was supposed to have commenced at 5 p.m today, but the media then broadcasted that it has been postponed to 9.30 p.m tonight. It is now 9.50 p.m and we have yet to see the epic historical moment on our television, computer and phone screens. But this is an unprecedented event, it's not like every day you get a new government formed... so let's give the people at the broadcasting stations a break.

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