Man Finds Free Fries In Newly Ordered Air Fryer

Man Finds Free Fries In Newly Ordered Air Fryer | Picture having ordered a new air fryer via your friendly neighborhood online shopping mall and finding some cooked fries inside as you open the lid. Sounds like a nice free gift, but one customer is not satisfied with what he discovered.

This is what happened to Saffuan Salleh after he received his newly ordered Khind Air Fryer from Lazada Malaysia yesterday. Soon after opening the air fryer lid, Saffuan became perplexed with the content inside. 

Saffuan's Facebook status about his box of surprise.

Photo of the whole package - air fryer, fries and all.

Saffuan mentions that he had contacted Lazada's customer service to lodge a complaint about his unusual parcel and, while this post is being written, he is still waiting an explanation from Lazada. 

I believe the delay may have been due to Lazada's customer service itself wondering how on earth did those fries came to be included with the order. It's like a real life meme to that age old question asked by many McDonald's staff, "Would you like fries with that?"

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