Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur!

Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur! | Imagine getting close to a bunch of Jurassic creatures that used to roam Earth around 165 million years ago, right in the heart of the city! Will you run or will you hide? Or will you join in the fun as 40 dinosaurs roar at you while you dig away for dino fossils?

"Hi, there! 'sup?"

If you're still wondering where to bring the kids during this last few weeks of their school holiday, try visiting the Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur! exhibition which is located at the Malaysian Tourism Centre in Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. I had a wonderful time going there with my sisters and I am sure that your kids will love it too. Be careful when entering​ the dinosaurs' lair, you may end up being their next meal. Just kidding. Bring your kids here during the school holiday!

Around 40 animatronic dinosaurs spring to life as visitors step into the hall which has been transformed into a Mesozoic era jungle, the atmosphere wild and alien... it feels like you're going back into time and actually meeting the Jurassic reptiles face to face. Or more like face to foot. The T-Rex is humongous - it stands tall at the same height as a double storey building!

These dinosaurs are huge! How many burgers do you think they can eat at a time?
"Feed me, you incompetent biped of the Earth's meteor shower excess!"
"*Me posting a Facebook status*: Hey guys, a dinosaur just roared at me!"
Careful... it might try to bite your hand off!
A human is hatching out of a dinosaur egg. How peculiar. Oh, it's just my sister.
Err... what's so funny, guys?
The Irittator. Must have been a very irritating dinosaur species back then.
Apart from discovering the life-like dinosaurs, kids (and adults) can also participate in fun dino-related activities at the activity corners provided in the hall. You get to be a paleontologist unearthing your own dino fossil for a day! If you're interested to know how dinosaurs lived when they roamed the earth, there is a mini cinema section where you can watch engaging documentaries about the Jurassic world.

Dino fossil displayed in a glass case in front of the hall
Children immersing themselves in paleontological work. Look how serious they are.
Horatio, is that you? A replica of the T-Rex skull

My thanks to Eventbrite and Jan, the manager of Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur!, for allowing us the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful Jurassic sight-seeing experience.


Location: Malaysia Tourism Centre, ​Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Operation hours: 10 a.m - 10 p.m daily
Tickets: Child (RM30 except for children below 3 years old, it's free) , Adult (RM50)

There are only a couple of weeks left until Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur! show ends, so hurry and get your tickets immediately. Tickets are available online and on-site at the Box Office. For more info on Dinosaurs Alive In Kuala Lumpur! visit https://www.dinosaursalive.asia

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